Limited Edition — TASMINE by Fatem

Limited Edition

What are your sources of inspiration?

I am mainly inspired by my travels and staying in hotels. I also take the time to visit factories producing printed fabrics just in case an idea comes to me later.

Contemporary furniture, as well as the furniture I see in some antique shops, also plays a part in my creations.

And finally, I listen to my customers and observe the object that is particularly important to them, which can become the centerpiece of a design.

Nowadays, does new technology play a part in your design?

Of course, new technologies are an integral part of the components I suggest: home automation, the Internet of Things, innovative materials such as electroluminescent windows... This depends mainly on the client, their budget, and their desire for such innovations. For my part, I see these components as facilitating daily life, and I tend to include them systematically in my projects.

However, before proposing them, I test them myself to ensure they are quality products which are easy to use.

Furniture that you have bargain-hunted for yourself?

My leitmotiv is to make your interior unique and, to do that, I spend a lot of time searching for original furniture and more often made as a single copy. 

The latest one which comes to mind is a manuscript copy of the Koran dating from the 18th century, discovered at an antique shop in Tunis.  For this Koran, I made a distressed mount from gold leaf, topped with a bespoke glass cube, highlighting and protecting it at the same time.

Is it the furniture that inspires you or the materials from which they are made?

The essential thing, as far as I see it, is the coherence of the design in a given place.  Therefore, thinking about materials and furniture is a two-way process until you find the perfect balance.