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Interior Design

Interior Design

How do you get an overview?

Before accepting a project, I first take the time to listen to customers talk about their memories regarding ambience, their expectations, their styles, if they can define their way of life.

I also try to better understand their origin to get a better idea of their culture. Finally, I ask them to trust me in my choice of materials, furniture and their position.

Once this confidence contract is established and accepted, I begin a long period of research, working particularly with experts in Zen culture and Fengshui  ... who help me check the harmony of colours, their effects and also the best position for the furniture. 

Once I am satisfied, I move on to the sketch phase for each room. Of course, I use 3DMAX and AutoCAD but only at the end of the process, as it makes it easier to work with companies who are going to carry out the work which I will supervise.

With the appearance and popularisation of 3D printers, I now also make models, which allows customers to better understand the different spaces, the arrangement of the furniture, the volume, the flow ... The final choice of materials is given the green light "IN VIVO" in the future place of residence in the client’s presence, for preliminary approval.

In order to leave each of the parties to integrate the work that will be carried out and allow time to make corrections, I actually begin work that 3-4 weeks after the client gives their preliminary approval.